11/01/17: New Year, Same Problems


There are few words in the English language that can engulf the world in a state of dread, fear and loathing, fuelled further by the unavoidable inevitability of its occurrence. A single word has the power to alter the very fabric of personal geography. This word has the power to destroy; it will destroy everything you ever dreamed of, everything you ever hoped for and everything you wish to come true. And that word is…


Since the dawn of time, humanity has found themselves needing to travel to work. Whether it is the hunters leaving the dwelling to find themselves a succulent deer for dinner, or the workers in Egypt leaving their houses to build the Great Pyramid, there has always been a need to travel to earn your keep. A great number of years later, nothing much has really changed. While there are many ways one can commute to work, it is probably train travel that has become the most common. Well, when it comes to city workers anyway. With the relentless march through time, there will of course be an evolution and improvement of technology. So, you’d assume that the annoying travel to work would have become a joyful jaunt, right?


As I sit writing this, 2017 has taken hold. I believe the phrase is ‘New Year, New Me’ or some kind of equivalent pointless rubbish. Little did I know that just because it is a new year, it is time to change every part of your personality? All that happened is a slight change of number of your calendar. Calm the funk down. If anything, the state of the British train industry proves my point. New year, new trains? More like new year, same mind-numbing idiocy.

The saddest part about the modern world is that companies care more for their profits than either their staff or customer satisfaction. We have management giving themselves many pounds in bonuses, and the staff are not getting the treatment they deserve. But don’t worry, management have a plan! By increasing their prices annually, while systematically making their service worse and worse, they have made more money to wedge in their ears to continue blissfully ignoring the complaints of their staff and customers.

There may not be enough room on the trains, the chances of a train being on time are about as likely as Theresa May giving a straight non-ambiguous answer on Brexit and trains may not have been looked after since a time when we all thought dialup Internet was the greatest invention ever, but do not fear, the management have gotten their bonuses. And that is, after all, all that matters.

And yet, people are oh so very shocked when the staff that work under these money-thirsty thunder monkeys then go on strike. Really? You are that surprised? Despite the fact these strikes are happening on a much more frequent basis every year, yet there are no real changes? And with that, we have made our way out of 2016.

New Year, New Me? Yeah, no.

Welcome to 2017, many happy returns!

If of course you can actually get where you’re going on the train in the first place without it being cancelled or delayed to be able to return at all.


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